MDSS SART Tester is designed to check any SARTs in accordance with the SOLAS-74/88 requirements approved for work in GMDSS.

SART parameters tested by GMDSS SART Tester:

Pos. Parameter description Unit
1 Effective sensitivity of receiver dBm
2 Radiated puls power of transmitter W
3 Minimum and maximum response signal frequency carrier frequency of transmitter Hz
4 Response pulse duration µs
5 Number of frequency change periods of response signal pc.

   Testing is carried out automatically. The device has an independent power supply unit. Test results are displayed and printed with the device's printer.
   According to service conditions the device is designed for the operation in the internal ship rooms at temperature range +5°C ... +55°C and relative humidity 95% at 40°C. The overall dimensions of the device with power supply unit are 195 x 100 x 45. The weight is ? 1 kg. 
Complete delivery set includes:      
1. Apparatus.      
2. Power supply unit - charger.      
3. Printer.
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