The daughter scientific-producing enterprise (DSPE) "Musson-morsvyaz-servis” was organized in 1996 on the
basis of  JSC  "Musson”,  which  had  thirty-year  experience of  successful  work  in marine  radio  equipment 
production. For the time of its activity the branch scientific-industrial establishment "Musson-morsvyaz-servis”  
has shown itself as a company that is working stably and developing dynamically.
   In 2006 the enterprise is certificated on system of quality on conformity ISO by 9001/2008, Germanischer Lloyd Systems Sertfifcation. Certificate № QS-3663HH

      Holding  a  wide  scientific-industrial  potential,  having  highly skilled  specialists,  the enterprise realizes 
developing, making and installing of the serial production of marine radio equipment, and makes servicing in  
the field of action.
   The primary activities of the enterprise are:
    - production and delivery of radio buoys of the third generation "Cospas-ARB-M”, 2000 year output, which 
      define  location  of  accident  at  sea,  406 MHz,  work  in  systems  COSPAS-SARSAT,  comply  with 
      requirements of GMDSS;
    - production  and  delivery  of  express-diagnostics  devices and control of  the ship’s GMDSS equipment, 
      intended  to examine  transmitting  and  receiving  sections of  the GMDSS complex in VHF and MF/HF 
    - production and delivery of  portative diagnostic  devices  and ARB control,  to examine parameters of the 
      emergency radio buoys COSPAS-SARSAT accordingly with requirements;
    - installation, tuning, delivery of finished marine radio equipment for  the navigating areas A1 – A3, service;
    - delivery of GMDSS complexes;
    - development and production of equipment and devices in the market of conventional rescue facilities and 
      their control. 
   All equipment has a Certificate of  Russian Maritime Register of Shipping  and  meets the  requirements of
the International Convention "Solas”.
   Tendency  to  further  development  and  innovation  of  solutions  have allowed,  since 1997, involving a new complex  of  works  by  re-equipment  of  the  ships  accordingly  with  requirements  of  GMDSS  for  different navigating  areas,   works  from  projects  design   to  radio  equipment  delivery,   mounting,   starting-up  and adjustment. Since then our specialists have re-equipped 50 ships accordingly with GMDSS requirements. We are responsible for all works finished and for their functionality. 
   Currently the  JSC "Musson”  has a big reserve of production space (about 15000 square meters) to perform orders.  Having resources for big and difficult projects, our enterprise is ready to develop new directions in this field  and  to  consider  any  different  offers.  The  company  is interested in business cooperation with foreign companies.
    We  are  open  to  mutually  beneficial  business  cooperation  and  can  offer  an  optimal  engineering and  
organized idea of any project realization, accordingly with the requirements of the Customer.

Address:   Ukraine, Crimea, Sevastopol, 99053, Vakulenchuk str., 29. 
Tel/faks:     (+38 - 0692) 233-588, 230-174.  
DSPE "Musson-Morsviaz-Service", Ukraine, Sevastopol, Vakulenchuk str. 29/20, tel/fax: +38(0692) 23-01-74, e-mail:,,
Production of distress beacons, SART, EPIRB tester, testers, SART, GMDSS equipment testers
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