SPDE "Monsoon-MORSVYAZ-Service" produces:

     ¤-sales, after-sales service of manufactured equipment
           "EPIRB MP-406;
           "SART Musson-502;
           "SART Cource;
           "PD and to the ARB;
           "By the PD and RLS;
           "SES and K GMDSS;
           "Software-controlled complex GMDSS to RPDU BRIG-2 (CORVETTE-2).
     ¤ Annual survey:
           "Emergency Beacon Cospas-Sarsat;
           "Radar transponders.
     ¤ calibration (calibration) produced test equipment PD and to the ARB, PD and to SART, SEM and K GGMSSB.

Servicing the previously released devices
   Issue beacons "Monsoon-501" and "Cospas-ARB-M" stopped. On previously issued distress beacon to the end of their service life 10 years, the company is committed to maintain their efficiency, warranty and post-warranty service.
DSPE "Musson-Morsviaz-Service", Ukraine, Sevastopol, Vakulenchuk str. 29/20, tel/fax: +38(0692) 23-01-74, e-mail: musson.morsviaz@gmail.com, morsviaz@stel.sebastopol.ua, musson-morsviaz@mail.ru
Production of distress beacons, SART, EPIRB tester, testers, SART, GMDSS equipment testers
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